Aussies Stranded In Bahamas After HUGE A-List Festival Cancelled

Not the festival they expected...

Aussies Stranded In Bahamas After HUGE A-List Festival Cancelled

Image Credit: Instagram @ Beyonce.

Festival season is in full swing, so the last thing you’d want to hear when you’re on the way to the festival you’re excited about is that it is cancelled. 

Unfortunately for two Australian women, along with thousands of others, this is the reality they are now facing. 

The boutique Fyre Festival was supposed to start on Friday, which has been advertised by some of Hollywoods top models (Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski and Hailey Baldwin, to name some). 

It promised to be a ‘cultural moment created from an alchemic blend of music, art, and food,” but was soon cancelled, and crowds have been left panicked and vastly disappointed by what they were first introduced to. 


The Australian friends spoke to The Daily Mail Australia about the incident, revealing that they spent $7000 in tickets for the event, and arrived to se half-pitched tents, tonnes of rubbish and feral dogs where the festival should have been. 

The organisers of the event have reportedly not released any news for the festival goers and those stranded in The Bahamas have been forced to find an escape route out of the destination. 

Some have opted to return straight home and are demanding refunds from the organisers. 


The Exuma island event, which was to showcase the talents of Blink 182, Major Lazer, and others, was cancelled at the very last minute due to reported “circumstances out of” organiser’s control, for the inability to prepare “physical infrastructure” in time on the underdeveloped island.

One organiser, Billy McFarland, spoke to Rolling Stone, saying that he and co-organiser Ja Rule were "a little bit ambitious.

"The Exumas didn't have a really great infrastructure.

"There wasn't water or sewage. It was almost like we tried building a city out of nothing and it took almost all of our personal resources to make this happen, and everything we had, to make this festival go on.”


We hope that everyone gets home safely.