An Aussie 'One Direction’ Concert Appeared On Ticketmaster & OMFG


An Aussie 'One Direction’ Concert Appeared On Ticketmaster & OMFG One Direction

We all thought One Direction was on hiatus and that they were never, ever going to reunite, because their solo careers are going so well. 

But it looks like this might not be so true… because fans have gone into meltdown after a concert date reportedly appeared on Ticketmaster for December 31, 2020, at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia. 

The listing was taken down quickly, but someone nabbed a screenshot of it first!


Fans were also bonkers when yesterday, on the 8th anniversary of the day their band was formed, their Twitter page was unusually active, with tons of lyrics being posted. 

As you’d expect, fans have lost their minds over this rumour news and so have we…


Everyone’s not sure whether this is top secret news or a site glitch, because the stadium took to Instagram to state they do not have this event in their schedule. 

Also, Ticketmaster told The Daily Mail that they had no knowledge of this event, and a rep for One Direction confirmed “there are no gigs planned for One Direction currently.”

Even though everyone’s confirming this isn’t happening, we’re secretly hoping they’re all trying to do a major cover up and that this event WILL grace our lives. 


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