After 13 Years People Are Still Loving 'Mr. Brightside' & Here's Why

Five reasons why we love it....

After 13 Years People Are Still Loving 'Mr. Brightside' & Here's Why

Image: The Killers VEVO

It's been 13 years since The Killers released their epic song 'Mr. Brightside'.

The song was an instant hit across the globe and in the UK, it hasn't left the Top 100 since it came out.

So it's been on the charts for 13 years straight!


To celebrate this momentous occasion, we thought we'd share five reasons why 'Mr. Brightside' is still an amazing track and perfect for any occasion.

1. It's A Winner At Karaoke


Whenever you head to karaoke with your friends, 'Mr. Brightside' always seems to sneak its way into the playlist. 

Honestly, you'll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't know the words.

2. It's A Break-Up Anthem


Just split up with your significant other? Or are you just in the mood for a good scream?

Then make like Cameron Diaz in The Holiday and pump that track up!

3. It's Perfect To Dance To


Even if you're not a singer, 'Mr. Brightside' is fast enough for you to frantically dance to without tiring you out too much.

4. It's Great To Blast During A Gym Sesh


Speaking of tiring you out, if you have so much energy that you have to head to the gym, 'Mr. Brightside' is great for that too.

Not only is the melody punchy, it's also got the perfect beat to match your run on the treadmill.

5. It's A Timeless Piece Of Music


No matter how old you are, or where you're from, you can relate to this song.

It's full of raw emotion and when your happy, angry, sad or just feel like letting all of your feelings out, this is the song to do it to.

Now, let's pump it!