5 Times Sia Completely Blew You All Away


5 Times Sia Completely Blew You All Away

Sia is one of the best Aussie singers we have had around for quite some time and we are over the freakin’ moon that she is finally coming back to Australia for her first Aussie concert in five years!

As you’d expect, we have Sia songs on repeat and it keeps reminding us of how darn brilliant she is. 

Over the years, she has wowed us again and again with her raw talent and we thought we’d honour five of the moments she completely blew us away. 

Why? Because a little Sia appreciation a day might just keep our blues away!

That Time She Cameo’d On Home And Away Like A True Blue Aussie

You might not know this, but Sia had a cameo on Home And Away back in 1997. 

It was everything we wanted it to be and is even better looking back on it now.


The Reason Behind Why She Doesn’t Show Her Face. 

Unlike many other artists who will do tonnes of different brand campaigns and plaster their face over their albums, Sia opts to keep her appearance out of the lime light.

Why? Because she doesn’t want to be famous - it’s all about the art. 

I don’t want to be famous, or recognisable. 

“I don’t want to be critiqued about the way that I look on the internet. 

“I was at Target… buying a hose and nobody recognised me, and my song was on the radio, and I thought, okay, this experiment is working!


When She Dropped The Song & Video For Chandelier 

The video really spoke for itself and some to our souls. 


Her Live Performance Of Chandelier At The 2015 Grammy's

Again and again, Sia proves she’s legit to the goods by performing live and acing the vocals better than they sound on the tracks. 

How is this even possible?

Also, kudos to Sia for bringing Kirsten Wiig on board for the live performance… it was perfect. 


Her Carpool Karaoke With James Corden

Carpool Karaoke is everyones fave and she certainly gave us some good laughs when she joined James Corden!


We can’t wait to see her live in concert!


The one and only Sia is heading back to Australia for two incredible stadium shows!

In her only live dates for 2017, Sia is bringing her Nostalgic For The Present Tour to two Australian stadiums this year – Melbourne’s AAMI Park on Thursday 30th November and Sydney’s Allianz Stadium on Saturday 2nd December. These are Sia's first Australian shows in five years.

Plus dance phenomenon Maddie Ziegler is along for the ride!

Sia will be supported by Charli XCX and Amy Shark at both shows.


Thursday 30th November – AAMI Park (All Ages)



Saturday 2nd December – Allianz Stadium (All Ages) 





To sign up for pre-sale, head to www.chuggentertainment.com!