5 Things You Didn’t Know About Kelly Rowland

She's amazing!

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Kelly Rowland

Image Credit: Instagram @ Kelly Rowland.

We’re all super excited for the upcoming RnB Friday’s LIVE event and have been playing all our fave RnB songs on repeat… 

We’re not joking.

And one of our faves comes from the ever glamorous Kelly Rowland, who is one helluva talented human being. 

While you all know her music back to front, you might not know a few things that make Kelly the super woman she is. 

So we will fill you in!

5 things you never knew about your girl, Kelly Rowland!
She found her start on a talent show!

Before they were famous, Kelly entered into America’s biggest talent show Star Search, with Beyoncé and their band Girl’s Tyme

They unfortunately lost, but it was the start of huge things to come, because they went on to form Destiny’s Child!

Her friendship with her mum is #MotherDaughterGoals

Kelly revealed to Essence that she has a fantastic friendship with her mum, and talks to her several times a day!

We bet our mums would LOVE that!

Her guilty pleasure is ALL of ours

Kelly has spoken about her guilty pleasures in the past, and with the current takeover of reality TV on Aussie screens we can all understand!

"I literally spend days eating my gelato sea salt caramel ice cream, watching reality TV,” she told Essence

Beyoncé’s parents were her legal guardians!

Before they formed Destiny’s Child as teenagers, Kelly lived with Bey and Bey’s parents had legal guardianship over Kelly.

Who knew!

Kelly started singing at the age of FOUR

We can’t even remember what we were doing at the age of four, but this is when Kelly started singing after she first heard Whitney Houston’s debut record!


Kelly will be heading to Australia in October for RnB Friday’s LIVE 2017 with a bunch of her RnB mates, to check out the full lineup PLUS how to jump the queue when it come to tickets, click here!