5 Stripped Back Ne-Yo Facts You’ve Never Heard Before

He's an angel!

5 Stripped Back Ne-Yo Facts You’ve Never Heard Before Instagram @ Ne-Yo

We’re all super excited for the upcoming RnB Friday’s LIVE event and have been playing all our fave RnB songs on repeat… 

And one of our faves comes from the super talented Ne-Yo.


While you all know his music like the back of your hand, you might not know a few things about Ne-Yo and his past that made him who he is today! 

So we will fill you in!

What’s with the nickname?

Ne-Yo, as you’d expect, isn’t this artist’s real name. 

Born Shaffer Chimere Smith, he got his nickname Ne-Yo from a mate!

His friend had compared Shaffer’s musical talents with that of the character Neo’s amazing abilities in The Matrix

He’s a master of No.1’s

Ne-Yo has proved to be a serious master of producing hits, after he produced three No.1 albums in under five years!

His background isn’t what anyone expects

Ne-Yo has a really diverse ethnic background, that not many people expect: African-American AND Chinese. 

His Disney-connection is mind-blowing

We all know Ne-Yo for his chill RNB hits, but you might be surprised to hear he’s written music for Disney!

Ne-Yo wrote music for Disney’s Princess and the Frog!

Ne-Yo’s an Angel in disguise

In 2007, Ne-Yo established The Compound Foundation, an organisation which aims to help the well-being of kids in foster care and group homes.

Ne-Yo will be heading to Australia in October for RnB Friday’s LIVE 2017 with a bunch of his RnB mates, to check out the full lineup PLUS how to get your tickets, click here!