12 Reasons Why I Will Undoubtedly Return To Splendour Again & Again

There's a reason people make the trip!

12 Reasons Why I Will Undoubtedly Return To Splendour Again & Again

Image credit: Justin Ma 

Another year, another Splendour in the Grass come and gone; and although mundane life is slowly settling back upon us, the memories from the weekend will last forever. 

The sun was out, the tunes were loud, the drinks were flowing, the glitter was sparkling and most importantly, the mud was near non-existent.

With surprise guest appearances from Safia and Aluna George, through to Tina Arena and Powderfinger, this year's Splendour was the ultimate success for the 32,500 punters who boogied through the three-day festival.

Image credit: Jess Gleeson

While everyone would have their unique reasoning as to why Splendour reigns supreme for them, here are 12 reasons which I'm sure will apply to all: 

1. An obvy but a goodie: a general amazing vibe.

Image credit: StillsInTime

You're in Byron, aka the hippie central of Australia. No one wants to be that only guy setting off bad vibes across the festival. 

Everyone has loosened up for the weekend, the laughs are contagious, and best of all, everyone is there for the same reason - a good time with their friends in the sun. 

2. Not just a festival, it's a weekend getaway!

Image credit: StillsInTime

Splendour isn't seen as just a festival, it's a mini holiday... right when you need it most; middle of the year, winter.

Who wouldn't want to leave the stress of work behind and set up in some beautiful 22-degree weather for three days?! 

3. The ability to go at your own pace.

Image credit: Bianca Holderness

Three days means being able to slow down and take it all in. The festival has a lot to offer and at first, it can seem rather overwhelming - like, you have to see it all, right?

I mean sure, if non-stop partying is what you're after, then go for gold. However, if you'd prefer to have a boogie, followed by a rest to soak in some tunes, then onto something to eat and perhaps a bit of a shop, there's no need to worry. You'll have time for it all and zero stress to cram it all in at once. 

4. 9 music stages = something for everyone! 

Image credit: Jess Gleeson

Pretty much from beginning to end, you're guaranteed to be able to find music you can groove to. From their main amphitheatre to their tipi forest, the genres vary from hip hop, electronic, dance, folk, rock and everything in between. 

Sure, nothing beats your favourite artist headlining a festival, but even if they missed out on the lineup, you're sure to find someone to suit your style. And hey, music festivals are the perfect place to experience new music and discover your new favourite band. 

5. North Byron Parklands = milder noise restrictions.

Image credit: Mitch Lowe

Nothing can put a dampener on seeing your favourite act quite like the inability to hear them!

You're not going to have that problem here, and since the grounds are so huge, there's rarely any music interference between each stage! 

6. You couldn't fall bored if you tried!

Image credit: Savannah van der Niet 

Beyond the dancing and beats, there's a whole other world of activities.

There's ping pong, a Rimmel makeover tent, yoga, shopping and market stalls, numerous bars, food upon food, a tent full of arts and craft, another for science geeks, a comedy lounge, and much, MUCH more! 

Image credit: Savannah van der Niet 

7. THE. FOOD. 

There's no chance of going hungry here. Altogether there were 131 food and market stalls. Need I say more?

8. A chance to try something new!

Image credit: StillsInTime

Whether that be a beer cocktail (yes you read that correctly), a horror show or covering your body head to toe in glitter. We guarantee you haven't tried all that they have to offer. 

9. You'll maintain your fitness!

Image credit: Bianca Holderness

Not only will you be dancing over three consecutive days, but the grounds where the festival is held are huge! Walking from stage to stage is a great mini workout, not to mention an easy way to burn off all the calories from the excessive consumption of alcohol! 

10: Rough it or live like a queen for the weekend!

Image credit: Charlie Hardy

Whether you want to set up a tent, sleep in your car, glamp like royalty or stay in a hotel in town... there's an option for all! Perhaps you already live in town (lucky!) and just want to visit the festy for a day!

11. The locals make you feel at home.

While most locals would easily become peeved at their small town becoming riddled with young festival goers... not those from Byron! They all welcome you with open arms and make your stay as comfortable as can be.

12. It's suitable for all ages! 

Image credit: Justin Ma

Splendour is for everyone! Not a soul is out of place. The littles ones can run around in the safety of 'Little Splendour' while the not-so-little can sit back and relax with a beer in hand. 


Splendour, I'm not too sure how you do it - but please keep doing you!