We Have So Many Questions About The New 'Stars Wars: The Last Jedi' Trailer!


We Have So Many Questions About The New 'Stars Wars: The Last Jedi' Trailer! Lucasfilm

It's finally happened, the full trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi has dropped and man, there's so much to take in!

Yesterday, the director of the new film, Rian Johnson, took to Twitter to advise fans of the franchise to avoid the trailer if they didn't want to see any potential spoilers.


He was right about both points here.

It's definitely an amazing trailer!

So much happens in it that you actually have to watch it a second time to make sure you didn't miss anything.

But there are also a few sequences that could most definitely point to some pivotal moments in the new movie.

Now, we have a few questions about this trailer and SOME of those questions may relate to those pivotal moments so, if you don't want any hints about what may happen in The Last Jedi, then you should probably look away now.

Everyone else, let's get down to business!


So, at the very beginning of trailer, we hear a deep voice saying that when he first found someone, he saw "raw, untamed power" and that the person was "truly special".

Everything we see in that scene seems to relate to Kylo Ren, so we can assume the voice belongs to the "Supreme Leader" we met in the last film.

Our first question, what actually DOES make Kylo so special?

His father was Han Solo, a smart talker, and his mother was Princess Leia, a fantastic woman, but is there something we're missing here?

He is related to Darth Vader, but is there something MORE?


Moving on...

Rey now knows how to use the lightsaber which, you know, we assumed she would figure out at some point.

She's still on that island with Luke Skywalker, training to become a jedi, but her teacher doesn't seem to happy about it.

Luke is freaked out by how much power she has and it looks like it's because Kylo has the same kind of power, which is bad.

So... does he think Rey is bad?

We'll return to this point in a minute...


Kylo returns to the screen and he's in the middle of a pretty intense battle.

He's flying around being all evil and things and then... we see the woman we love and miss so much... Princess Leia!

Leia looks worried and the trailer then cuts to Kylo, who actually looks like he's been crying.

It cuts back to Leia and then... he pushes a button and OMFG, is this guy really going to kill both of his parents?!?

It would be understandable, mainly because Carrie Fisher is no longer with up (RIP), but seriously? 

Does he have to?


Then, after a few more battles and explosions, Rey is seen talking to someone and telling them, "I need someone, to show me my place in all this," and guess who she's talking too...


Is Rey going to the dark side already?!

Is she planning on going undercover to see what's really going on within the First Order?

Or is it all just an elaborate trap?


We're going to need another minute...