We All Missed A MAJOR Cameo In 'Deadpool 2', But No One Can Figure It Out

Who is it?!

We All Missed A MAJOR Cameo In 'Deadpool 2', But No One Can Figure It Out 20th Century Fox

If you haven’t seen Deadpool 2 yet, like I did at the very first midnight showing being the dedicated movie-goer I am - then you better get your butt in gear because this blog contains some spoilers you might want to STEER CLEAR OF!




Okay, now that those who do not want spoilers have clicked away, Ryan Reynolds has decided to drop a little bomb on us all. 

Ryan took to his Twitter to tell us all that we missed a major celeb cameo in his movie, saying, “You missed a big one. Everyone has…”


As you’d expect, everyone is frustrated trying to figure out who they missed…

Here’s what we do know:

Brad Pitt had a very brief cameo in the film as The Vanisher, coming to an untimely end. 

Then, James McAvoy, Evan Peters, Nicholas Hoult and Sophie Turner all had a small cameo as the current X-Men cast, silently closing the door on Deadpool as he badmouthed them in the X-Men mansion. 

We also see Ryan Reynolds playing HIMSELF in the post-credit scene, as he goes back in time to stop himself from ever taking on the role of Green Lantern, and putting his character to rest in the Wolverine movie to ‘tidy plotlines’. 

Oh, and we also get a very quick glimpse at Hugh Jackman, and Matt Damon and Alan Tudyk as the two rednecks that Cable knocks out… 


We really, REALLY, need to know… 

If you have any idea who we all missed, let us know in the Facebook comments!


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