Toni Collette Reveals What People Always Yell At Her In The Street

She didn't even say these lines.

Toni Collette Reveals What People Always Yell At Her In The Street AAP

Iconic Aussie star Toni Collette is one of our best known actresses, and she has had an amazing career so far.

Toni sat down with Jenny Cooney from the PodcastOne podcast Aussies in Hollywood to talk about life in the spotlight. She spoken openly about her amazing career, from her humble beginnings in Australia to roles in big American productions.   

But despite all the amazing roles Toni has played over the years, she revealed that people are most likely to say "You're terrible Muriel" or "I see dead people" when they see her out and about.

“Neither of them are my lines, but they do get thrown at me. So I guess I’m very lucky in that respect. The great thing about that is it’s really indicative of how those stories affect people and how it stays with them. And they really genuinely get excited to kind of see me and want to tell me how much they love those films,” Toni said.

Toni also explained that she wasn’t too excited about doing The Sixth Sense, revealing that she’d been more excited about the idea of doing Bringing Out The Dead with Martin Scorsese. So she was slightly disappointed to be offered The Sixth Sense instead. 

“When I read the script, I was told it was Bruce Willis, at the time he was doing a lot of movies that I wasn’t interested in, so that wasn’t really a drawcard for me even though he was a big movie star,” Toni said.

“And I really did love the script, I found it very surprising and moving. And I didn’t realise it was a scary movie, I just thought it was a gorgeous, spiritual story.”

Listen to what else Toni had to say in the full Aussies in Hollywood podcast.