The REAL Life Inspiration Behind 'Hostel’ Will TERRIFY You

Oh hell to the NO

The REAL Life Inspiration Behind 'Hostel’ Will TERRIFY You Lionsgate / Screen Gems

A little word of warning, this article is not for anyone who gets queasy over icky, scary, gory things.

So look away if you hate any of the above!

Fans familiar with the film Hostel will now the scare it can instil in you. 

The film follows Paxton and Josh, both college students, as they go backpacking. However, when they head to a hostel for ‘incredibly attractive women’, they find out that it’s actually a front for a seriously twisted torture enterprise, where the wealthy pay to murder the guests…

Now, we’ve been given some insight into the inspiration behind the film and we’re seriously terrified. 


The film’s writer, producer and director Eli Roth opened up about it all, saying the film idea came from a horrifying encounter with a website. 

He spoke to Dead Central, revealing, "It started with a conversation with Ain't It Cool News' Harry Knowles. Harry and I were talking about sick stuff we'd seen on the Internet, like that the guy in Texas who set it up so you could control a gun and hunt lions and wild game online. 

"The FBI had shut this guy down. I think his legal defence was that he was making it so handicapped people could hunt, too. It was so f***ed up.

"I thought, 'Jesus. Why wouldn't they just put a human being in a room?' and Harry said, 'Well, actually I found something like that' and he sent me a link to a site where you could go to Thailand and for $10,000, walk into a room and shoot somebody... 


"The site claimed that the person you were killing had signed up for it and that part of the money would go to their family because they were so broke and were going to die anyways."

He was so shocked that someone was twisted enough to come up with the idea. 

"The site itself was real, but you had to give credit card information, and I was at the point where I wanted to do a documentary about it, and it's like, to get any further I would have had to give personal information and I figure these people kill people for a living, I'm not gonna find out.”


We are officially creeped out... and are tucking ourselves in our bed and never leaving the house...

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