The Live-Action Remake Of Aladdin May Have It's Genie Already!

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The Live-Action Remake Of Aladdin May Have It's Genie Already!

Image: Disney

So Disney is very keen on creating live-action remakes of their classic films right about now.

There have been a lot of rumours going around about the Aladdin remake, but one, in particular, has really caught our attention.

Today it was announced that Disney already has their sights set on an actor to play the iconic Genie!


The Genie was played by the legendary Robin Williams in the original film, but for the live-action film, producers are hoping that Will Smith will take the role.


Deadline has reported that the Fresh Prince has been in talks with Disney about appearing in a few of its upcoming live-action films, but nothing has been confirmed.

It would make sense for Will to take on the role as he has the comedic chops to tackle this kind of role, but it's currently all hanging in the balance. 

Not much information has been released about Aladdin as of yet. 

The only thing we know for sure is that Guy Richie, director of the Sherlock Holmes films and Snatch will be directing. 

This obviously means that it won't be your typical Disney princess film.

Do you think Will would make a good Genie?


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