The FULL ‘Halloween’ Reboot Trailer Is Here & Michael Just Won’t Quit

When will he stop?!

The FULL ‘Halloween’ Reboot Trailer Is Here & Michael Just Won’t Quit Universal Pictures

Last night, you got a taste the teaser trailer for the new Halloween film. 

But now you’re going to set your sights on the first FULL-length trailer. 

Starring the film’s original star, Jamie Lee Curtis, she’s returning as Laurie Strode to face psycho Michael once again. 

Here’s the low-down:

Laurie is now a grandmother, who sometimes prays that Michael would escape prison just so she can seek revenge on him. 

Michael has spent the last forty years in captivity and one night, when the prisoners are being transported, their bus crashes… and they all escape. 

Laurie finds out and it’s like a field day for her, because she’s so ready to bring absolute destruction down on him. 

“He’s waited for me,” she says, “I’ve waited for him."

Michael then gets his uber-creepy mask back from the people who were investigating him and decides to go on a rampage on the night of, you guessed it, Halloween, to absolutely ruin everyone’s fun.  

Watch the trailer below!


If Laurie doesn’t get her revenge after all she’s been through, I’m going to be soooooooo freakin’ pi**ed. 


Who’s ready for this?

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