Sorry Y’All, Sex & The City 3 Ain’t Happening


Sorry Y’All, Sex & The City 3 Ain’t Happening Warner Bros.

Sex & The City fans have been eagerly awaiting the third instalment of the films they have loved, but sadly, it looks like their wishes have just been crushed. 

Crushed like Carrie was by Big when he decided not to marry her. 


(Okay, maybe not that crushed…)

According to Daily Mail Australia, production on the third film has been shelved due to demands made by the film’s star Kim Cattrall

Warner Bros. had just given a green light for the project to begin, and filming was thought to be commencing in the next few days, but the studio has decided to not move ahead due to Kim. 

The actress reportedly demanded they produce other movies she had in development, or else she wouldn’t jump on board. 

The studio refused to meet demands and have shelved the film as it wouldn’t be fair on devoted fans if it was missing a central character. 


The other stars are reportedly heart broken over the news, as they were really wanting to deliver fans more of the series. 

Kim hasn’t released a statement about her decision or what will happen from here.