Important: ‘Kim Possible’ Is Being Turn Into A Live-Action Movie

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Important: ‘Kim Possible’ Is Being Turn Into A Live-Action Movie  Buena Vista Television

Today is a very good day indeed because Disney has just announced they've started the casting process for a - wait for it - KIM POSSIBLE LIVE ACTION MOVIE! 

Can you believe that it was an entire 16 years ago that we were first introduced to Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, and Rufus the naked molerat?! 


Kim Possible ran from 2002 - 2007 on the Disney Channel and was an absolute staple of TV life; and with villains, gadgets, a love interest, and a general following of awkward teenage coming-of-age scenarios, how could it not be?! 

Well, boy do we have news for those of you who've been looking to fill the Kim-shaped void in your lives for the past 11 years... a live action movie is already underway! 


So far, details are scarce, although we do know that casting has begun and that Mark McCorkle and Robert Schooley - creators of the original animated series - have returned to assist with the script. 

Now, just to think of who would make an awesome Kim Possible! 




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