If You're Missing Rupaul's Drag Race, This Netflix Film Stars Some Of Your Favourite Queens!

Shanté you stay!

If You're Missing Rupaul's Drag Race, This Netflix Film Stars Some Of Your Favourite Queens! Wolfe Video

Are you walking backwards out of rooms saying 'Miss Vanjie... Miss Vanjie', just to keep the drag race dream alive until we get the next season?


But, press on your nails and glue down your lace front because a movie has dropped on Netflix that stars some of our FAVE queens! 

Cherry Pop is set in a bar of the same name and centres around a newbie to the drag scene and their debut performance on stage. Starring queens we know from our screens (and some fab new ones for Aussie's to become obsessed with) including Tempest DuJour, Detox, Mayhem Miller and Latrice Royale just to name a few!

The movie set is a visual explosion of colour, art and eye candy, set on one night in a bar we've all been to at some point in our life.


I caught up with the Art Director for the film, Zachary Crane, who revealed what it was like working on the set of such a fun project.

I’ve never had so much freedom in any project I’ve done. (Director) Assaad Yacoub trusted my vision and said “paint the stage, paint the floors, paint the walls. So I went for it.  For me, the theme was “underground NYC drag bar"  So almost every mural is an abstract version of Detox. Detox is the most fun for me to paint. I even painted the floor to look like nineteen sixties airport.  I’m quite proud of how that turned out.

Is there one thing from the set you're most proud of?

The bathroom was also very fun. I floral printed a porcelain urinal with a good leaf plumbing system all the queen congregated around.  

Detox is definitely a stand out favourite of ours, is she your favourite Queen?

Well, my loyalty lies with Detox.  We’ve become cyber friends, and share a mutual costume designer friend who designs both of our costumes (Jeffrey Bryant). Detox is a very kind, down to earth person that takes nothing too seriously, and I gravitate toward those types. However, Allusia Aluisa is probably my favourite. She scares me, and we’ve never so much as said a hello to one another, but she’s everything. Her look, her personality, those buggy eyes. I love her.  


Your art is so recognisable and you have such a signature style, what and who do you draw inspiration from?

I draw inspiration off of pop culture often, women, makeup, fashion, slutty beauty, but most recently I draw inspiration off of my own personal depression and mental illness. The long journey I’m on to get better. I think it’s relatable. Where as it’s entertaining to make pretty fun art to look at, I want people to relate to my work and feel my suffering and know they’re not alone.

What exciting projects do you have in the works at the moment?

Right now I’m working on a huge body of work I plan to produce into a coffee table book.  I want all audiences, young and old, struggling financially and wealthy to have a tangible book they can hold onto and find relation with. Share with their friends. This book is called “Diary of The Mentally Illest". I hold nothing back in this book.


You can check out more of Zachary's work here and grab Cherry Pop on Netflix now!

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