Drop Everything: The ‘Hey Arnold’ Movie Trailer Is Here!

We’re looking for his parents!

Drop Everything: The ‘Hey Arnold’ Movie Trailer Is Here!

Image: Nickelodeon

The first teaser for the Hey Arnold! movie creator Craig Bartlett always wanted to make has arrived, and it looks like we will finally get some answers on a major cliffhanger. 

Since the show ended in 2004, fans have been living with a couple of constant questions on their minds like “WHERE ARE ARNOLD’S PARENTS? WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM? ARE THEY ALIVE?”

In a two-part episode titled The Journal, Arnold found a journal with a map showing where his parents were supposed to travel to after they left him to help the sick dying jungle people!

The entire series was leading up to this final moment where Arnold would discover what happened to his researcher parents, when BAM! IT ENDED!

The show’s creator has been dying to finish off the Hey Arnold! story for years but never had the opportunity from Nickelodeon.

Well, now the first trailer has dropped, with Craig himself taking us through what we can expect to see!

Take a look - 


After so long, we can’t wait for the final chapter to finally be shown, not just for the Arnold’s parents storyline, but the #Helga&Arnold5eva story too!