Disney Has Cast The Lead Roles For The Live Action Kim Possible Movie!

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Disney Has Cast The Lead Roles For The Live Action Kim Possible Movie! Disney

In the early 2000's, there was no one more amazing than Kim Possible, the girl who went to school during the day and fought bad guys during the night!

A few months ago, Disney announced that they would be bringing back Kim Possible in a new live-action movie which to be honest, was long overdue.

This morning, the new Kim and Ron Stoppable were announced in a hilarious video where the two actors who originally played the characters in the animated series, auditioned to get their old roles back...

Clearly, these two are a bit too old to play high school students, so the new Kim Possible will be Sadie Stanley and Sean Giambrone.

Sean currently stars in the sitcom The Goldbergs and Sadie landed the role of Kim after her first audition for a role... ever!

Judy Taylor, senior vice president of casting and talent relations for Disney Channel said in a statement that: "Sadie delivers Kim’s confidence, smarts, and agility; most importantly, she’s an everyday girl with an extraordinary spirit.

"Sean is such a magnetic actor; he always finds the right balance of physical comedy and heart. We’re excited for audiences to see Sadie and Sean bring these iconic roles to life."


Now, can someone tell us who's going to play the iconic Shego?!



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