A 'Family Guy’ Movie Is Happening, So Grab The Popcorn

Stewie will steal the show...

A 'Family Guy’ Movie Is Happening, So Grab The Popcorn Fox

Shows like The Simpsons, American Dad and Family Guy aren’t for everyone. 

But if you’re a lover of their crude humour, then you’re in for a treat, because Family Guy is getting a movie!

Yesterday, we reported on The Simpsons movie getting a sequel. 

Now, according to The Sun, Family Guy has been picked up for a film deal and Seth MacFarlane and Mila Kunis are onboard for it!

The original voice actors are set to return for the film and fans are beyond excited about the news as the series heads into its 17th season. 

Details on the film’s plot are yet to be revealed, but stay tuned for all the crazy stuff Stewie is surely going to get up to!

Are YOU keen for a Family Guy movie?

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