You Should ALL Follow Carrie Bickmore’s 'Relationship Phone RULES'


You Should ALL Follow Carrie Bickmore’s 'Relationship Phone RULES' Channel Ten

Are you one of those people that gets anxious whenever they’re away from the phone?

Who feels the need to check it ALL the time?

And who, when they wake up in the morning, checks and scroll through their phone as soon as they wake up?

Well, Carrie Bickmore has some advice tailored to you, and you should listen up - because that obsession with your phone could be ruining your relationships. 


Carrie recently wrote a piece for, explaining that she has some ‘Relationship Phone Rules’ we should all stick to. 

She opened up about how she often accuses her boyfriend of being someone who never gets of their phone, and his response is always “You’re the one who is always on your phone! You’re addicted to your phone!”

But when she and her son settled in for movie night, and her son said, “No second screening, Mum,” she realised just how much of a hold her phone has on her… and has decided to put some rules in place to help her relationship!

The Rules:
  • Don’t check any device for the first half-hour of your day. Relax, enjoy the time with your partner and detox from technology to focus on the important things in life! Conversations are better than endless scrolling and silence. 
  • Leave your phone in your bag when you go out somewhere - nothing kills the romantic mood more than your partner scrolling on their phone while you’re at dinner or spending time out. TALK and make each other laugh, enjoy the world around you!

We LOVE these guidelines and refs will be putting them in place to help improve our relationships!


We’re a new generation who seems to HATE sitting around doing nothing at all and just relaxing; a generation who hates being alone with their thoughts - which is a bit of a scary fact, especially considering the average Aussie spends 46 HOURS per week glued to a screen. 

Remember the days you could sit around doing nothing? Just sitting with your partner?

Technology is creating barriers we may never be able to break down, so make sure you put some rules in place so that your relationship doesn’t suffer - and so that you can always enjoy the simple things in life.