You Can Now Buy 'Period Pants’ & They’re A Life Saver

Would YOU use these?

You Can Now Buy 'Period Pants’ & They’re A Life Saver WUKA

Sick of having to buy tampons and pads that are overpriced? 

Well, there may be a new solution on the horizon: period pants. 

That’s right, one woman, Ruby Raut, has designed the new underwear for her company WUKA.

Ruby spoke to the Mirror and revealed, "Females need this product. This will solve the problems of anything and it is ideal for anybody, of any age.


"I wear them myself, I have got three pairs.

"The knickers are very absorbent and dry instantly with no liquid sensation happening in your knickers.

"The menstrual liquid passes through the wicking material, which is used as suction, it holds the liquid and interlocks so nothing comes up.

"It is only when you are washing them in a lot of water then the blood comes up.”

Sound good?

These pants can be worn for up to 11 hours and have 3 layers of protection, with an absorbent layer can hold up to two hundred times its own weight in water and four tampons worth of menstrual blood. 


"It is basically three in one underwear and is 100 per cent better than towels because there is no shifting or wedging of the pad. 

"Plus after you wear it for a few hours you won't get the irritation that the many women usually get from pads."

They go on sale this month and will be available in sizes from 6-20. 

Want to get your hands on these? Pre-order them HERE


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