You Can Legit Get A Harry Potter Education & Sign Us Up!

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You Can Legit Get A Harry Potter Education & Sign Us Up! Warner Bros.

Harry Potter was one of the things that raised us - we fell in love with the characters, the magic, and the morals it taught us. 

We may be older now, but that doesn’t mean we don’t wish we could go to Hogwarts. 

Seriously, if we could have anything for Christmas, we would ask to go to Hogwarts IRL. 

And now, we can… sort of. 


The British Library has just released a bran spanking new book, titled ‘A Journey Through a History of Magic’, which is “an enchanting journey through the Hogwarts curriculum.”

A.k.a. It’s the guide to a Hogwarts education, meaning you can teach yourself everything Harry, Ron and Hermione learned.

The book will tell you what goes into a Polyjuice potion, and the secrets behind all the spells!


The British Library is also celebrating the series' 20th anniversary with an exhibition, too!

The exhibition will showcase J.K. Rowling's creations, and the library's collection of artefacts from "real" witchcraft mythology and folklore.

We’re booking flights ASAP...

We know what we’re doing this Summer!