Woman Requests Bin Chicken Cake For Daughter's Birthday, Cake Maker Delivers Perfection!

This is so GOOD!

Woman Requests Bin Chicken Cake For Daughter's Birthday, Cake Maker Delivers Perfection! Cake'a'licious Facebook

What do you do when a woman walks into your cake shop and asks for a cake that looks EXACTLY like a Bin Chicken? You deliver the goods, that's what you do!

Queensland baker and pastry chef, Kate Rider, was asked by a local woman to create an ibis cake for her daughter's 21st birthday and well, the cake extraordinaire just couldn't turn down an opportunity like that!

She told The Courier Mail that she did find the request a bit odd, but she was up for the challenge!

"I do all her kids’ cakes and she came to me and said ‘um, I’ve got a really crazy request and I’m not sure you’ll want to do it, but my daughter really wants an ibis cake’.

"And I was like, ‘how awesome is that? Yes!’ I was very excited to get it, because I’m really into 3D cakes. That one was extremely fun to make."

Of course, Kate nailed her creation and when she posted it online, people were gobsmacked because this cake... it's utter perfection!

“It’s really gone crazy. I was saying to my husband, out of everything I’ve done, I really didn’t think an ibis would be so popular."

Kate is a self-taught cake decorator, but is a pastry chef by trade, running her own business called Cake'A'licious in Blackbutt, Queensland.

The ibis was created using a chocolate mud cake and everything used on the cake was edible, including the bin and its rubbish!

The only things that weren't edible were the rods holding up the ibis' legs.

“Some people thought the cake was just the trash can, but it was the whole thing.

"I started at 8am and it was done by 2pm. I did the feathers first in the morning so they could dry while I was doing the cake. Usually I do things in advance for cakes, but with this one, I just sort of winged it.”

What a trooper!

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