Woman Puts Puppy Up For Adoption, Unknowingly Adopts The Same Puppy 7 Years Later

She was forced to part with her puppy.

Woman Puts Puppy Up For Adoption, Unknowingly Adopts The Same Puppy 7 Years Later Observer Reporter

Imagine being separated from your pet for 7 years, only to have them reappear in your life unexpectedly, it would be a very heartwarming and emotional experience, right?!

Well, this is exactly what happened to Nicole Grimes, a resident in Pensylvania.

Seven years after having to put her childhood puppy up for adoption, Nicole has been reunited with Chloe, the puppy her grandmother gave her when she was a kid!

Nicole explained to the Observer Reporter, that she had gotten a puppy from her Nanna after asking for one for months and named it Chloe.

Nicole had Chloe for four years before her father got a new job which involved working from home.

Unfortunately, as a puppy, Chloe was quite loud and disruptive and so Nicole's father decided it would be best to put the pup up for adoption.

Image: KDKA

Seven years later, Nicole was scrolling through Facebook and saw a friend post about a beautiful elderly dog named Chloe that needed a new home.

Nicole said that "On a whim, I said I’ll take her. I didn’t know if it was going to be my dog but I thought ‘oh, it reminds me of my old dog, so I’ll just take her in’ – I wanted a dog."

When the dog arrived at her home, Nicole and her husband noticed that the dog was very similar to Chloe and so they did used a microchip to see who had owned her in the past and discovered that yep, their new dog was actually the little puppy they remembered!

This is truly the most amazing thing to have ever happened in pet-human history.

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