Woman Discovers Her Parents Were Cult Members Thanks To A Netflix Documentary

Wild, Wild Country had answers!

Woman Discovers Her Parents Were Cult Members Thanks To A Netflix Documentary Netflix

In probably the strangest turn of events ever, a young woman in the US has discovered that her parents were a part of a cult because of a new Netflix documentary!

Jenna (who didn't want to use her family name) spoke to The Cut earlier this week and explained that she only found out the truth about her parents after overhearing a group of people talking about the Netflix documentary Wild, Wild Country.

The Manhattan local had grown up with pictures of leader Bhaghwan Shree Rajneesh strewn around her her home and always assumed that her parents were just "odd".

She explained that she thought her parents danced in public and were obsessed with yoga meditation because "they’d gone on a long yoga retreat, or something", but a conversation around a water-cooler about the Netflix documentary made her realise what her parents' lifestyle was actually all about.

"I didn’t care, but then this girl used the word “cult” followed by “Rajneesh” and I was like, ‘Oh, I know of Rajneesh! That wasn’t a cult.

"She gave me this look like I had just told her I thought Santa was real. Then I was like: ‘Oh, fu**. I need to do some research. Now it looks like I’m brainwashed.'”

This was the first time Jenna had heard about the movement being referred to as a cult and when she pressed her parents about it, her father apparently didn't address it, and her mother just “shrugged, as if it were the first time she’d thought about it, and replied, ‘Yeah. I guess it was a cult.'”


Jenna explained that her parents had met in at a New York City Rajneeshee event and spent some time together at the group's Oregon compound, but left when the group became militarised and started poisoning salad bars.

Despite being in the cult, Jenna said that her parents took away some pretty positive life lessons.

"In 1988, they founded a non-profit together for people with HIV/AIDS, substance-abuse problems, and the recently incarcerated. Meditation, dance, group therapy, and community-building activities are integral parts of the programs they run.

"They took out of their Rajneesh experience what they needed, and have helped so many people using tools that it gave them. I also think a part of what they learned there was being open and accepting things the way that they come. That’s very much a part of how they operate, and they’ve passed that on to me."

There you go!


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