Wedding Llamas Are A Thing & Who Wants One?!

Would YOU have one?

Wedding Llamas Are A Thing & Who Wants One?! Instagram @ Sarah Lynne Photography pdx

We consider countless things in the lead up to a wedding, like what dress or suit will we wear? Where will we have the wedding? Who do we want to NOT invite? Who’s bridesmaid material? Who’s going to be the flower girl?… the list goes on.

When it comes to flower girls or ring bearers, we’ve been swept up in a few new trends - like a dog carrying the ring pillow to the alter!

But now, there’s another bizarre trend on the rise and we’re shook: Wedding Llamas. 

That’s right, wedding LLAMAS!


While some people are using the Llamas to walk their ring pillows down the aisle, others are inviting them to help raise the spirits of their big day. 

A couple requested the help of two Llamas, Rojo and Smokey, on their wedding day and sparked the trend!

Mt Peak Therapy Llamas and Alpacas' founder Lori Gregory told People magazine:

“We jumped at the opportunity, as we had always thought it would be a very fun and unique experience, as well as a fabulous way to entertain guests. After posting photos of that wedding onto Rojo’s Facebook page, we started receiving more invites, and the requests have nearly doubled every year since.”

Tbh, they look kinda mystical… 


There’s a deeper story to it, though. 

The company, located in Oregon, USA, is a not-for-profit organisation who takes these creatures to classrooms, kid’s hospitals and to nursing homes, to help spread joy!


Would YOU enlist the help of some llamas on YOUR wedding day?

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