UH OH: Activated Charcoal Might Not Actually Be That Good For You

This is NOT good...

UH OH: Activated Charcoal Might Not Actually Be That Good For You

Image: Ellko YouTube

Activated charcoal has become a holy health food amongst bloggers everywhere.

If they're not putting them on their face, they're putting it in their ice cream...




And burgers!


Charcoal is being used in a lot of beauty products as well, including toothpaste, but not everyone thinks that it's amazing.

There's now a petition circulating the internet asking for all edible products that have activated charcoal in them to come with a health warning!

The Food with Activated Charcoal Can Make Birth Control Less Effective: Add a Warning Label petition currently has 19,800 signatures because as it turns out, the substance does a lot more than we thought!



Activated charcoal has been used as a poisoning antidote for centuries and in some hospitals, is still used to treat drug overdoses and other harmful chemical poisoning because it binds substances in the gut and prevents them from entering the body.

So it's probably not something you should be consuming regularly...

The petitions creator, a woman known only as Julie, says that if charcoal is being used in food, there should at least be a warning label telling customers what they're eating.

"That black ice cream cone looks totally hardcore and goth and tasty, right?

"The treat gets its colour from activated charcoal, a new trend that's cropping up in various food and beverages, like lattes and detoxifying lemonade.

"But activated charcoal can actually make your birth control and other prescription medicines less effective.

"I would totally nom on some of this black ice cream, but in the interest of informed consent, ice cream shops should let their customers know the risk."


You're probably wondering if any experts have an opinion on this petition.

Well, Brendan Stamper, associate professor at Pacific University’s School of Pharmacy, explained to the Daily Dot that Julie actually has a point...

"A variety of factors such as our genetics, diet, medication use, stress-level, sex, etc., can influence how we respond to a given drug or chemical.

“Activated charcoal is no different.”

The charcoal isn't supposed to be harmful in small doses so maybe just treat yourself to one goth latte every now and again...