Tooth Fairy’s Next Level Reply To Kid Asking For PAY RISE

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Tooth Fairy’s Next Level Reply To Kid Asking For PAY RISE

Image Credit: Reddit @ thoughtfulprof

We’re sure as hell jealous of how much the kids of today are getting per tooth in comparison to how much we used to get… 

How is it that our kids’ incomes are increasing, but our salaries are rising at snail pace…?!

We might have a few ideas… 


Despite some kids being paid more and more per tooth by the beloved Tooth Fairy, this little boy decided that he was in need of a pay rise, and took it upon himself to ask said Tooth Fairy for it. 

What he wasn’t expecting was the letter the Tooth Fairy wrote in reply… 

Originally posted to Reddit, a woman shared a pic of the letter her friend’s son received after asking if his $1 tooth fee could be raised to $5. 

Not sure if this kid knows how bargaining works…

This is what the boy received after his request. 

Said Tooth Fairy informed him,it was very bold of you to ask for more money,” and then delivered the bad news that the raise was a little too much. 

So, instead, it was raised by a dollar. 

“We [have] decided to increase your TPO (tooth pay out) by $1 for future extractions. This is with the stipulation the tooth is cavity free.

"Should you place a cavity filled tooth under your pillow you will receive a bill to cover our costs of flight travel. We cannot take CFT's (cavity filled teeth) back with us.”

What a way to make a kid keep his teeth nice and healthy!

What’s your take on how much is TOO much for a kid to get from the Tooth Fairy?

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