'Toasted Coconut' Hair Is The Only Spring Trend You Need

We LOVE this!

'Toasted Coconut' Hair Is The Only Spring Trend You Need Instagram @ kaylhuskolors

We’re all obsessed with anything related to coconut at the moment, so we’re sure you’ll want to step into spring with this new hue!

The new trend is called Toasted Coconut Hair, and came to everyone’s attention on Instagram. 

It melts brown and blonde shades together, with your hair becoming lighter as you go from the root to the end of your locks!


According to hair experts, this trend is best for brunettes, because you won’t have to worry about touching up the roots!

The more your roots grow out, the ‘toastier’ your ‘toasted coconut hair’ becomes!


Will YOU be trying this trend to kick off Spring with a bang?

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