This Woman’s Kmart Hack For A Friend After A Breakup Is AMAZING

The Ultimate 'Breakup Survival Kit'

This Woman’s Kmart Hack For A Friend After A Breakup Is AMAZING Facebook @ Jess Palmer / Kmart Mums Australia

When you think of the most soul-crushing, heart-breaking things in this universe, a breakup is among the top nightmares. 

Everyone deals with them in their own way, but when your on the receiving end of a breakup, it feels like everything around you is falling apart and that you won’t ever be able to go on. 

Knowing this, one Australian woman decided to try and help her friend out in the sweetest way, after her friend’s partner left her and her two children at the drop of the hat. 

Jess Palmer, a NSW mother-of-three, heard that her friend of three-years and fellow school mum had woken up on Saturday morning to her partner telling her that he was leaving her and her two children. 

Jess spoke to Mamamia about it all, explaining, "My friend was completely in love with her partner. They had been together for about eighteen months, and we all thought he was her ‘penguin’, because she’d met him after a bad marriage and he made her happy.

"But on Saturday morning, he got up early for work and said to her before he left, ‘I can’t take this anymore. I’m leaving you and the kids’.”

Jess received a text from her and decided she needed to take action to try and help out however she could. 

“I thought, she’s got to look after herself. She won’t be able to look after the kids if she’s a wreck. And so I wanted her to know that I’d be there for her no matter what.”

What did she do next?

She decided to head to Kmart and make the most beautiful ‘break up survival kit’ ever. 

She bundled together all the gifts and wrote the following note detailing what every item represented:

"To my beautiful friend,

"Face masks - to hide from the world when you need to.

"Candle - to light up the darkness.

"Bandaids - to remind you the hurt will heal.

"Rubber bands - to help you bounce back.

"Gum - to remind you that we will always stick by you.

"Mascara - because he made your eyes run.

"Glitter - to add some sparkle back into your life.

"Paper clips - to hold everything together.

"Book - to transport you to another world.

"Shampoo - to wash that man right out of your hair."

Jess shared, "I wanted to share it because we shouldn't be tearing each other down. I wanted to inspire other women to help build their friends up. Because relationships end all the time, and we have to be there for each other.”

This is so inspiring and beautiful, and should serve as a reminder of how we should be there for our friends!

I definitely need a friend like this right now… 


Let us know your inspiring stories of how friends helped you through a breakup in the Facebook comments!


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