This New Vegan 3 Day Reset Is Exactly What You Need After A Summer Of Drinking

Life changing

This New Vegan 3 Day Reset Is Exactly What You Need After A Summer Of Drinking Eat Fit Food

It is no secret that we all had a bit to drink throughout summer and now, if you are looking for a way to reset yourself, look no further,

Eat Fit Food have just released their new Vegan 3 Day Reset and it is life changing!

We tried it and we have never felt better.

Our skin cleared up and in just three days our stomach's were feeling better and we even had a good nights sleep 


It is a gut-friendly program that brings a variety of plant-based meals that truly support a healthy digestion.

The best part, the super nutritious, convenient, gourmet meals delivered direct to your door.

Your program will be delivered fresh on your chosen day, either Monday to Friday and will include breakfast, lunch, dinner and 1 snack, daily.

Each meal is crafted from the highest quality plant foods and is designed to deliver a powerful injection of antioxidants, nutrients and gut-loving fibre. Every mouthful is guaranteed to tantalise your taste buds and nourish your body from the inside out. 

Eat Fit Food are the original health food home delivery experts. Founded in 2002 well before the clean eating bandwagon begun, founder Bianca Monley was ahead of her time when she envisioned a new way for people to enjoy a wide variety of fresh, healthy food.

Driven to share the benefits of healthy eating and its positive impacts on every aspect of our life, Bianca created Eat Fit Food at just 22 years of age. Combining her entrepreneurial flair, passion for health and a love of great food, Bianca has grown Eat Fit Food into a true luxury health brand. 

It has become so popular over the years, and this new three day reset is about to take over! 

For more info, check out their website here.