This Is Why Apples Make You SO Darn Hungry!

Has this happened to YOU?

This Is Why Apples Make You SO Darn Hungry!

Have you ever had an apple, being all healthy and whatnot, but as soon as you finish it you’re SOOO hungry?

Well, there’s a reason for that!

PopSugar Fitness explored the weird phenomena after a reader sent in the following question:

"I like apples as much as the next person, but every time I eat one I get really, really hungry. I know they are good for me and that 'an apple a day will keep the doctor away’. But why, oh why, do they make me so hungry.”

The answer?

They revealed that the reason why apples don’t fill us up and often make us feel the need to eat more is that they are “95 percent carbohydrates and cards do not keep you full.”

Want to make it a more satisfying and hunger-curing snack?

They suggested to pair it with a piece of cheese, or slice it up and smear some peanut butter on each piece. 

The added protein and fat will make it a well-balanced snack to keep you a little fuller for longer!

Who knew!

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