This Is The CHEAPEST Day To Fly This Holiday Season!


This Is The CHEAPEST Day To Fly This Holiday Season! Universal

Christmas is almost here and you’re all probably rushing to plan the perfect summer getaway, to chill and unwind after a busy year. 

December is often the busiest travel time of the year, and airfares and whatnot tend to get seriously expensive approaching Christmas.


But, there’s a way to plan your holiday just right, strategically moving the day you depart - and it could potentially save you hundreds! analysed the prices of trips around Christmas and New Year, to places like Fiji, Hawaii, Bali and the Gold Coast, in order to pinpoint the cheapest day to fly.’s editor-in-chief and travel expert Angus Kidman revealed to“This year Christmas Eve is a Sunday, and that means many families will aim to do their Christmas travel on Saturday, 23rd of December. That helps explain why prices are cheaper on Christmas Eve — the peak demand has already passed.

“No one really likes to be stuck in a transit lounge on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Day. But if it can save you a few hundred dollars, it could totally be worth it.”


Comparing the costs of return airfares from Sydney to Honolulu, for one person, on December 24 and December 27, they found a stark contrast!

Currently, the December 27 return airfare is $1283, while on December 24, it costs $755.

That could be a massive saving for a family!

If you don’t want to travel Christmas Eve, ensure you steer clear of flights departing on December 27.

“If you can, avoid the day after Boxing Day. Our analysis showed this is the most expensive day to fly out on,” Mr Kidman revealed.

“The good news is prices start to drop again on New Year’s Eve.

“Early January provides another window of opportunity to avoid peak fares if you are limited to travelling during this period.


“But if you really want to save money, avoid travelling in peak periods and school holidays, book early and look out for sales. Black Friday is coming up on November 24 and we should see some sale fares then.”

Where are YOU heading this summer?

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