This Chart Shows EXACTLY When You Should Start Having Kids

Coz we're all freaking out...

This Chart Shows EXACTLY When You Should Start Having Kids

As we get older we start to, well, FREAK THE HELL OUT about how fast everything seems to be speeding by. 

We worry about having the right job, the right relationship, and trying to get everything we want to do done before we start thinking about getting married and having kids. 

Tbh, it creeps up on you faster than you think and suddenly you’re approaching 30 and wanting everything to be in place already. 


Hell, I’m almost 24 and I’m already stressing about getting married and having kids, because I always wanted to have it all younger. The fact that society likes to tell us we have an ‘expiry date’ doesn’t help either (screw that idea!)

Sound like you at the moment?

Well, there’s a new study that has produced a chart that might freak you out a little more, because it details the exact ages for when you should ideally have children, depending on how many you want!

The computer model has been created by scientists in the Netherlands, with Dik Habberman (one of the creators) revealing, “We have tried to fill a missing link in the decision-making process.

“My son is 35 and many of his friends have a problem deciding when to have children because there are so many things they want to do.”


The model recommends the ideal ages you should have children for better chances of conception, taking into consideration declining fertility as you get older. 

“Our results are generally valid for couples where the man is not more than 10 years older than the woman."

Here’s the chart!


This is based on averages, so will NOT apply to all women individually. 

For women, fertility is thought to start declining at 30, with a more significant drop after 35. 

For men, fertility age effects start to kick in more severely in their 40s.

"You’ve got to factor in that people don’t necessarily have children in quick succession.

“What it is saying is that if you’re relaxed about having three children, you can wait until you’re 35, but you’ve got to start early to be certain.”

This brings up some great points about how we should look at pregnancy and better planning our lives to be able to have the family we want. 

To integrate information on fertility awareness into lessons on contraception for young men and women is a super important thing we should start to consider!

“We haven’t got a time machine we can put people in… that’s just a blunt reality.

“Everyone thinks they can wait – this shows that you can’t.”

Read the full article on the model HERE



How many kids do YOU want? When did you want to start? 

Will this chart help you decide?

Let us know in the Facebook comments!


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