This $9 Aussie Invention Will Help Cure Your Pet’s Anxiety

What a great idea!

This $9 Aussie Invention Will Help Cure Your Pet’s Anxiety Instagram @ wagsandwhiskersboutique / @ innopets

Does your pet get super anxious whenever you leave the house to go to work, or head out for the night?

Well, there’s a new invention that can help ease their anxiety and keep them entertained for hours. 

The Aussie invention, straight from the Gold Coast, is called the LickiMat and works by putting foods into it, as it has small shapes and grooves in which food can be hidden!


One of the creators of LickiMat, Joe Clarke, spoke to the Gold Coast Bulletin about them, saying, "Because of the different shapes and patterns, the stuff gets in the corners, it can take the dog from 20 to 90 minutes to clean it.”

By trying to slow down their eating, it distracts them from worrying about the fact they’re alone and is a better alternative to leaving a bowl of food that they will quickly devour. 


It’s already taking the world by storm and has already sold 160,000 units in May alone!

This is similar to some other products on the market, but Aussies are really loving this!

Would YOUR pet benefit from this?

Let us know your tricks to keep your pet entertained in the Facebook comments!

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