This 49 Cent Ikea Item Is Taking Over Households World Wide

So many options for just 49 cents

This 49 Cent Ikea Item Is Taking Over Households World Wide

Image Credit: Live Laugh Rowe

It’s no secret that we are always trying out new ideas to make our home that little bit better… thankfully, this Ikea item has us covered in more ways than one.

Say hello to the newest item taking over the world.

Ikea’s 49 Cent tea towel.


Thrifty online users have taken to their site explaining just exactly what they are using the 100 per cent cotton kitchen item for.

While some have used it as the standard tea towel… others have re-purposed them into curtains.

Creative much? 

There are currently no reviews in the Aussie IKEA site, but the Swedish homewares store has a list for days on the item.

Someone wrote that the cotton weave becomes more absorbent after a handful of washes… which is pretty big contrast compared to many other tea towels around.

One mum revealed that she “cuts them in half and used them to wash up babies after meals.”

Another added that she uses her towel to keeps her greens fresher for longer in the fridge.

“I wet the towel and wring it out as thoroughly as I can, then wrap the greens in the towel and place on a refrigerator shelf…. The greens stay crisp quite a while this way. They might not be the prettiest towels in the kitchen, but they are the most useful.”

And well, another used it as her gym towel!

So many options for just 49 cents. 

We are sold.