These Pitbulls In Flower Crowns Are Too Cute To Ignore

It's for a good cause!

These Pitbulls In Flower Crowns Are Too Cute To Ignore Sophie Gamand Kickstarter

If you love dogs, then you should take a look at these adorable photos of pitbulls wearing flower crowns, because they'll warm your heart!

Dog photographer and animal advocate Sophie Gamand took these wonderful photos for her new coffee table book called Pitbull Flower Power.

The images were originally used in a photographic series called Flower Power, Pit Bulls of the Revolution in 2014, but they will now be placed in a book to help raise money for animal shelters.

The original series was created to challenge the negative way society views the pit bull breed as it is one of the most common dog breeds that are prone to abuse and abandonment.

Sophie hopes that her book can help raise awareness for this important issue and help all of the abandoned pit bulls, and other dog breeds, find homes.

"Pit bulls have been demonised by society for decades. As a result, they are more prone to being abused, abandoned, and euthanised," Sophie wrote on the book's Kickstarter page.

"Hundreds of thousands of them languish in shelters, with their stories untold. To combat the stigma surrounding these dogs, I decided to adorn them with handmade flower crowns, and share their stories with the world. I wondered if art could change their fate."

The book will be released in October this year, just in time for Pit Bull Awareness Month and Adopt A Shelter Dog Month.

You can pre-order your copy through the book's Kickstarter page.


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