These IKEA Curtains Are Designed To Help You Sleep Better!

They work!

These IKEA Curtains Are Designed To Help You Sleep Better! Ikea

You've probably heard a lot of hacks that are supposed to help you get a good nights sleep.

If you're a light sleeper, you've probably tried most of these hacks to try and get your full 8 hours, only to realise that half of them are complete BS.

One of these hacks is to reduce all light from your bedroom.

There are a few ways you can do this, with the cheapest way probably being to buy yourself an eye mask to sleep with and while some people find this to be an amazing idea, not everyone is keen on sleeping with elastic around their head.

It can be very uncomfortable!


Luckily, one woman has found something that yes, is a bit more expensive than an eye mask, but says that it helped her sleep better than she has in years!

Tara Block wrote about her experience with blackout curtains for Popsugar Australia and now, we think we're going to head down to Ikea and grab ourselves some of these curtains as well!

"I spent hours researching the best blackout curtains online and was prepared to dump buckets of money into transforming our bedroom into the dark cave of our dreams.

"Surprisingly, I kept seeing Ikea's Marjun blackout curtains pop up as an affordable contender in online reviews.

"I ordered two pairs of the curtains, fully prepared to have to return them if they didn't work out.

"But after putting them up, we couldn't believe how well they worked at blocking the sun.

"The fabric also looked and felt high quality for how inexpensive they were.

"That night, and every night after, I struggled to get out of bed because I was sleeping so soundly. 

"Our room was darker than ever, and it was paying off big time with well-rested nights. 

"We were also going through a heat wave in those early days, and the curtains made a noticeable difference in the temperature of our bedroom.

"By reducing thermal energy loss, blackout curtains can even cut down your energy bill. 

"This is one of the major benefits of blackout curtains according to experts, in addition to protecting upholstery and wood floors from sun-fade and keeping heat in during the Winter and heat out during the Summer."


So clearly, these curtains are a God-send for sleepless Australians!

You can purchase the Marjun Blackout Curtains on Ikea's Australian website for only $69 and enjoy a sound sleep all throughout summer!

Have you tried blackout curtains?

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