These Are The Weirdest Items People Have Sold On Gumtree


These Are The Weirdest Items People Have Sold On Gumtree

Images: NBC / Gumtree

You may have noticed that Gumtree looks a little bit different now.

The website is celebrating it's 10th birthday by getting a complete makeover and making your buying and selling experience more enjoyable.


We've been using Gumtree for years and we have to be honest, there have been some very odd things we've seen advertised on the website.

The head honchos have noticed these strange ads too and have decided to release a list of the weirdest things that users have actually sold on Gumtree over the last 10 years.

Prepare yourselves, guys, things are about a bit kooky...

1. A Nice Bottle Of Fresh French Air

Yep, you read that correctly.

A woman sold a variety of glass bottles filled with air from France on Gumtree for about $15 a pop!


2. A British Army Tank From The 1960's

A man from Perth decided to sell his vintage British army tank for a whopping $85,000 on Gumtree last year.

The 73-year-old man told WA Today that people thought he was a little crazy, but the tank is "a bit awkward changing gears, but it goes alright."

Image: Gumtree

3. A Toadfish Impersonator Offering His Services

Brisbane's Greg Peck placed an ad up on Gumtree offering his Jarrod 'Toadfish' Rebecchi impersonation skills to Neighbours fans across the country.

Need we say more?

Image: Greg Peck via Gumtree

4. An Old Tree Branch Disguised As A Harry Potter Wand

Harry Potter fans will love this one...

Someone decided to sell an old tree branch on Gumtree by saying that it was actually a wand from Harry Potter.

We know the exact spell for this one... RIDICOLOUS!


5. Bottled Air From A Justin Bieber Concert

Does this one really surprise you though?


What weird stuff have you seen on Gumtree?

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