There's A NEW Email Scam & This Is How To Spot It

Safety first.

There's A NEW Email Scam & This Is How To Spot It

We’ve all been searching through our emails from time to time and come across one which is obviously not legit. 

But what happens when an email is so sneaky that we have zero idea it’s a scam? We head into dangerous territory. 

Thankfully, the security firm Forcepoint Security Labs has decided to help everyone feel safe and protected online, talking with about the four types of emails you really need to steer clear of. 

Many email scams work by tricking the recipients into either:

  • Clicking on the email itself. 
  • Clicking through to websites via links 
  • Or opening attachments. 

Recently, many Australians have been receiving emails from what looks to be the Australian Tax Office telling them they are able to claim a tax refund, according to Forcepoint Security Labs’ principal security analyst Carl Leonard. 

This email is actually NOT from the ATO, and you can tell whether or not the email is legit by steering clear of some email addresses. 

If an email comes through from any of the below addresses, don’t open them: 

  • GOV <>
  • myGOV <>
  • Tax Return <>
  • A T O <>

By ensuring you keep an eye out for unusual domain names in emails, Leonard explains that we can identify the pattern of scam emails. 

Trust your gut and be super vigilant.