The Worlds Ugliest Dog Has Been Named & We DO NOT Agree


The Worlds Ugliest Dog Has Been Named & We DO NOT Agree

Dogs are one of humankind’s best friends. 

Whenever you get home after a long day, you can always count on your dog to bound to you like you’ve been away from a year. It’s so cute and makes us feel loved beyond compare. 

So when there’s a competition like the ‘World’s Ugliest Dog’, well, we’re always going to know that even if they’re not the prettiest canine, they could still be loving. 


But the thing is, this year’s winner of the World’s Ugliest Dog isn’t, well, the ugliest dog in the world… and people aren’t too happy. 

Meet Martha, who was crowned as the World’s Ugliest Dog this weekend in California. 


While she’s no Lassie, she’s surely not THAT ugly!

For some comparison, this is the dog that won last year… 


As you’d expect, people have taken to the net to let their comments be heard and some of them are brilliant. 

"That dog is not ugly! Should have the worlds ugliest human contest except  judges should wear blindfolds and base off how we treat others”

Another said, "Yeah I'm not sure what the standards are for "ugly dogs" cause that's a pretty normal/ handsome looking dog.

We’re not so sure about this user’s comment:

"The Chinese crested dogs usually dominate this competition so good for Martha for breaking down barriers & representing! You go, girl!”

Is this really a barrier that needs to be broken…?

It’s fair to say that Martha ain’t the ugliest dog in town, don’t you think?

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