The Girl Behind ‘Poo Date’ Has Spoken Out & We’re So Happy About This

"I am the shamed Sh*t Slinger"

The Girl Behind ‘Poo Date’ Has Spoken Out & We’re So Happy About This Liam Smith

Oh boy, have we been waiting for this moment, and now that it's finally here... we are not disappointed! 

The woman behind the whole 'poo date incident' earlier this week has spoken out and we're glad to say, she can definitely see the funny side! 

If you, by way of some miracle, happened to miss the whole ordeal, here's a quick recap: a woman, who was on a Tinder date, found herself back at her date's apartment where she had to use the loo - number two style. Her poo wouldn't flush, so naturally, she decided to chuck it out the window... the poo then got stuck, which was when she happened to get herself stuck as well while trying to retrieve said poo. 

Got it? 

Well, while we had heard from the fire brigade and the man from the date, we were still eagerly awaiting to hear from the woman herself... and the time has finally come! 

Taking to Reddit, under the username tulip-0hare, she came clean about the whole ordeal: 

“I am indeed the shamed Shirehampton Sh*t Slinger. My friends have been comparing me to Miranda Hart. It’s not something I’m proud of, but people are laughing, and if I’m making people happy then I’m not going to complain,” she wrote. 

“I have tried to emphasise I don’t think this is rational behaviour it was a panic response," she added. 

While most of our natural instincts would be to either a) curl up into a ball and die or b) walk out of the bathroom, act natural and pretend nothing happened... the "sh*t slinger" said that she just couldn't bring herself to do that to her date. 

“...within seconds I knew I’d made a terrible mistake… I would have left, but I just couldn’t do that to [him]. I make bad choices sometimes but I like to think I’m not a bad person, and to me that would have been bad. I told him almost straight away, I couldn’t lie about something like that.”

We applaud you and we thank you for your honesty. It's going to take a lot to top this story.