The Ages YOUR Kids Should Be Allowed To Do THESE Things

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The Ages YOUR Kids Should Be Allowed To Do THESE Things

When it comes to our children, whether we have them now or are planning for them in the future, there are certain values and skills that we all want to help them develop. 

Now, a new survey has revealed at what ages kids should be developing certain skills & being allowed to do certain tasks, that has a few parents disagreeing. 

Here’s the low down on what the study & survey revealed:

By the age of 7, Kids should be able to:

- Ride a bike by themselves.

By the age of 8:

- Tie their shoelaces

- Put their own clothes in the wash. 

- 8pm bed time.

- Brush their teeth without help

By the age of 9:

- Should be allowed pocket money. 

- Set the dinner table. 

- Bathe or shower without help

By the age of 10:

- Put the dishes away.

- Take care of their school uniform.

- Understand the value of their own possessions.

- Not lose their belongings,

- Be allowed to choose what they want to wear.

- Have friends over for sleepovers.

- Go to friends sleepovers.

- Fold up their own clothes, when taken off

- Get ready without help

- 9pm bed time

By the age of 11:

- Have their own tablet device. 

- Have a TV in their bedroom.

By the age of 12:

- Surf the web without supervision.

- Cycle or walk school alone.

- Play at the local park unsupervised.

- Have their own laptop.

- Have their own MP3 player.

- Have their own mobile phone. 

- 10pm bed time.

By the age of 13:

- Be in the house alone.

- Be able to go out by themselves.

- Go to the shops by themselves.

- Have a computer in their bedroom. 

- FaceTime friends alone.

By the age of 14:

- Be trusted with their own house key. 

- Have Facebook.

- Have Snapchat. 

- Go to town with their friends, alone. 

- Have WhatsApp.

- Go to the movies with friends, alone.

- Parents also think it’s suitable for their kids to watch 15+ movies.

By the age of 16:

- Go out after dark, alone.

- Have friends over when parents aren’t there.

- Parents think it’s suitable for their children to watch 18+ movies. 


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