Tall Husbands & Short Wives Have BETTER Marriages

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Tall Husbands & Short Wives Have BETTER Marriages

We all know a couple where the guy is as tall as a tree and the girl is as small as can be. 


Well, it turns out that they’ve got it best, because according to a new study, there’s a link between a husband’s height and a wife’s happiness!

The study revealed that the greater the height difference between a couple, the happier the wife is. 

This findings remained the case for up to 18 years of any marriage, however anything after this drops off. 

The research looked at 8,000 Indonesian participants to gather these results. 


Not only did height add to this ‘happiness’, but also income, self-esteem and confidence, as taller people have greater earning potential, appear more trustworthy and capable.

Also, it showed that taller men are often perceived as more attractive. 


However, the study also found that the ‘resourcefulness’ of a husband was only a MINOR factor in the effect of height difference in determining a wife’s happiness. 


Need to go find yourself a really tall guy?

It shouldn’t be too hard, they do stick out in a crowd!

It might be a bit harder for the guys to find some short girls, though… 

Happy husband and wife hunting… 

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