Talking To Your Pets Is Actually AMAZING For Your Health

Listen up!

Talking To Your Pets Is Actually AMAZING For Your Health MGM

Are YOU someone who is totally obsessed with cats and dogs, and talk to your pet nonstop, but think people believe you’re crazy for doing so?

Well, don’t worry about those people, because according to new research, all that talking is actually great for your health!


Dr Danielle Forshee (a licensed clinical social worker and a doctor of psychology) has revealed that talking to your pet has health benefits for the both of you!

Not only does talking to them help you develop and sustain a bond with one another, it has a positive effect on your mental health!


Dr Danielle revealed how owning a pet helps to fight depression, prevent heart disease and it helps to lower your blood pressure. 

Not only this, but actively talking to and communicating with your pet helps to control stress better than some medications that are used to treat high blood pressure!

Don’t believe me? You can read all about the science behind it all HERE

Are YOU someone who constantly talks to their pets?

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