Smacking Your Naughty Child INCREASES Depression, So Think Twice

Were YOU smacked?

Smacking Your Naughty Child INCREASES Depression, So Think Twice

Times have changed a lot over the last century. 

Back in the ‘60s, and even after then, it was commonplace for children to get smacked by a parent or whipped with a cane by a teacher at school. 

Now, that kind of behaviour isn’t tolerated in the classroom, but some parents still choose to smack their kids as punishment at home. 

However, new studies have revealed that smacking a naughty child can actually increase their risk of both depression and substance abuse in later years, and is considered as bad as the feelings of going through a divorce.

The study, from University of Manitoba, was conducted on data from 8,300 adults, revealing that such violent practices had a lasting impact on a person’s mental health. 

The study asked volunteers to complete a questionnaire, which asked them about how often they were spanked as a child - as well as household background, and if physical or emotional abuse was also experienced. 

55% of those surveyed reported being spanked, with men and those from ethnic minorities being more likely to experience it. 

Those who were smacked reported increased odds of depression and mental health problems. 

The Child Abuse & Neglect study showed smacking to be an adverse childhood experience, which does more harm than good. 

"Placing spanking in a similar category to abuse experiences would increase our understanding of these adult mental health problems,” revealed Dr Grogan-Kaylor

'Spanking is defined as using any physical force with the intention of causing a child to experience pain, but not injury, to correct their behaviour.'

Scientists have since stated it is important to prevent extremely harsh parenting, in order to prevent kids from developing depression.


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