SINGLE LADIES: Marrying Yourself Is A Now A Thing

Tbh we are gonna do this

SINGLE LADIES: Marrying Yourself Is A Now A Thing

Image Credit: Channel Nine 

If you’re quite often the single friend at parties… or dinners… or literally just in life… never fear, marrying yourself is now a trend.

Thankfully, for us single ladies, we have been blessed with Adriana Lima, the Brazilian-born Victoria’s Secret Angel, who is proving to the world that she don’t need no man.


The model took to Instagram to show off her brand new diamond on her ring finger that she got for herself.

This is all types of goals.

She captioned the pic with, “What’s up with the ring? ... It’s symbolic, I am committed to myself and my own happiness I am married with me. Ladies love yourself.”

We love this SO MUCH!!


Lima also added that she was now single, confirming that her relationship with Matt Harvey is over.

Girl, you don't need no man.

Tbh we are gonna do this.