Sexting Your Partner Could Actually Be BAD For Your Relationship

Think twice...

Sexting Your Partner Could Actually Be BAD For Your Relationship

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and some of you might be planning to surprise your partner with a sizzlin’ sext… but you may want to think twice before you do!

Why? Because it turns out that sexting might actually be BAD for your relationship in the long term!

Research conducted at the University of Alberta looked at the effects that sexting had on the relationships of 615 people, all of different ages, sexualities, races and educations. 

Findings revealed that those who sexted felt more insecure in their relationships and showed lower levels of commitment. 

Those who sent sexts frequently were found to be overall less satisfies with other aspects of their relationship. 

Adam Galovan, the lead author of the study, revealed, "My interpretation is that the sexters are focusing more on the sexual part of their relationship and may be neglecting other areas.”


He went on to say that the prioritising of technology over personal interaction could be a reason why other parts of the relationship are a struggle.

"These folks want to get to the end goal – a good relationship – without doing the hard work of talking, listening and spending quality time together.

"They need to put the phone down and have a good old-fashioned conversation – spend some time together nurturing the relationship – instead of shortcutting with sexting to try to get a quality relationship."

Does this ring true for YOU?

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