People Can Screenshot On Snapchat WITHOUT You Knowing


People Can Screenshot On Snapchat WITHOUT You Knowing Fox

Snapchat is one of those apps everyone seems to love and have, and it’s also one of those apps where everyone feels pretty confident in knowing where their pics end up. 

Because, a) we choose who to send the pics to, and b) we get notified of who screenshots our pics, so if it ends up somewhere we didn’t want it to, we know who’s responsible. 

The only thing is, though, that this isn’t really the case anymore. 


Well, because people are able to screenshot our Snapchats WITHOUT us knowing. 


And now the paranoia kicks in. 

Just as people found a way to read their Facebook Messenger messages without them coming up as ‘Seen’, people are working their way around Snapchat screenshots notifications. 


Well, in revealing this we realise it’s gong to clue a lot of you in on how to screenshot without other people knowing, but it’s something we all need to know so that we be EXTRA careful about what you’re sending. 

Basically, just as people are using ‘Airplane Mode’ to check their Messenger, Snapchat users are doing the same. 

Users are letting their Snapchat messages or stories load, and then they turn on ‘Airplane Mode’, view the video/pics you’ve sent, Screenshot whatever they want, and then exit the app before turning Airplane Mode off. 


While the app WILL send you a notification they’ve screenshot your pics/videos, this won’t happen until they decide to go back into their app. 

If they’re wanting to keep the fact they’ve screenshot on the down low, they’ll wait a fair while (days even!) before going back into the app, so that the notification will be so far back down your list of notifications that you don’t see it. 

Alternatively, they could have sent you another Snap back, meaning the notification is hidden completely!


To avoid all this, there’s only one thing you can do: be careful of what you send and don’t send anything you wouldn’t want everyone to see. 

Privacy is scarce in this day and age, so be careful what you send online. 

It’s there forever.