Pass Down The Harry Potter Gene With These ‘Where’s Voldy?’ Baby Onesies

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Pass Down The Harry Potter Gene With These ‘Where’s Voldy?’ Baby Onesies Grey Lines Clothing

Calling all Harry Potter fans with babies, or who plan to have babies sometime in the future:

I’ve found a way for you to pass down your Harry Potter obsession to your kids and it’s oh so cute. 

Even before exposing them to the films, when they’re able to release how amazing they are, there’s a way for Harry Potter to be in their life 24/7 in the form of these adorable Harry Potter-themed onesies. 

I shall introduce you to some of the options you have on offer, straight from online site Grey Lines, who are making me want to stock up on all of these onesies for my future children. 

Where’s Voldy?


This is cracking me up. I’ll take a Where’s Voldy version of the popular kids game book ANY DAY. 

Dumbledora The Explorer


Eenie meenie Hermione Moe


More Emotional Than Moaning Myrtle


Tbh, I need this one for myself…


Each onesie retails at $29.95, but seriously, it’s a worthwhile investment… 

Find all these gems HERE on their website. 

Who wants these for their babies?

Let us know in the Facebook comments!


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